2021 Annual SRNT-E Conference

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Important Date for Abstract and Symposia Submissions

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Abstract Submission Deadlines

Please note that the deadlines have been extended:

March 10th 2021: Call for abstract and symposia submissions open

April 25th: deadline for symposia submission

--> deadline extended to the 2nd of May 2021

May 9th: deadline for abstract submission

--> deadline extended to the 23rd of May 2021

TBA: deadline for rapid response abstract (poster or oral)

Instructions for Authors

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For abstract submission requirements for oral presentations, posters and symposia : click here

! For symposia: please submit each abstract separately (1 general abstract and 3-4 individual abstracts) and mention that you submit a symposium in the "Activity" tab. Use the same symposium title for each abstract and then add a specific title (Example: Smoking and cheese fondue: 1. The association between smoking and fondue digestion / Smoking and cheese fondue: 2. Passive smoke and fondue toxicity / etc...)


Conflict of Interest Disclosure:

All speakers and all committee members must disclose all financial relationships with the tobacco industry, pharmaceutical companies, ENDS producers, and other healthcare-related for-profit entities so that we can address any potential conflicts of interest.

Please note that people employed by the tobacco industry or ENDS industry owned or partly owned by the tobacco industry are not allowed to submit abstract to the conference.

In addition, all presenters are required to include a disclosure slide with their presentation that includes the following information: 1) All funding sources for presented work. 2) All industry funding to the principal investigator and/or presenting author in the last five years (tobacco industry, pharma, or other). 3) All off-label medication uses discussed in the presentation.

Speakers who do not provide disclosure information will not be allowed to present at the meeting. If you are presenting at more than one session, you may complete one disclosure form for multiple presentations (it is not necessary to complete a disclosure for each topic).

Disclosure of Conflict of Interest: Please provide below the name of all sources of funding or salary support from any of the following sources during the past five years that might constitute a conflict of interest or give the appearance of bias for your presentation. The corresponding author of each abstract submission for keynote lectures, symposia, workshops or free communications must answer these questions.

If you select anything other than "No Relationship," you MUST explain in the comment box below.