About SRNT-E

In 1998, Karl Fagerström obtained funding from the pharmaceutical industry to host a small meeting on nicotine dependence, smoking cessation and nicotine replacement therapy, which was hosted by the University of Copenhagen. The interest in the meeting was such that a small group discussed the possibility of starting a European chapter of SRNT. The first meeting was held in 1999, and the board that was convened to oversee the (then informal) chapter was chaired by Fagerström for four years. The main activity of the chapter was (and remains) the annual meeting. In 2010 we began discussing formalising our relationship with SRNT, clarifying our legal and financial relationship with SRNT through a chapter agreement. This chapter agreement has formed the basis of subsequent chapter agreements (e.g., with SRNT Oceania). In 2011 SRNT Europe was registered as a private company limited by guarantee, and with the Charity Commission, in the United Kingdom.