2023 Annual SRNT-E Conference

11th - 13th Sep 2023

Early career researcher travel awards

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Four merit-based awards will be available to support participation in the SRNT Europe 2023 conference in London.

The awards will go to early career researchers - these are open to those who are currently doing their PhD or those who completed their PhD after April 2018.

The awards will include 1,000 Euros and free registration to the conference and conference dinner. Applicants must be presenting at the meeting (either oral or poster presentation).


To apply, please submit a letter of motivation (maximum 500 words), a letter of recommendation from a professional colleague who is familiar with your work (maximum 500 words), a short curriculum vitae and a copy of the abstract to the SRNT Board Secretary Ute Mons via email (srnte.secretary@gmail.com) by 17:00 CET April 30th 2023. Please write “SRNT-E 2023 Travel Award” in the subject header of the e-mail message.

The decision on travel awards will be made by a review process by the SRNT-E Board, and will be communicated to the awardees by mid July 2023. 

Note: as applicants will not be notified about the outcome of their application until after the early bird deadline for conference registration, we will honour the reduced registration fee for those applicants who apply for an early career travel award but who are unsuccessful. Successful applicants will receive free registration. Therefore, if you are applying for an early career travel award, please do not register for the conference until after you have been notified about the outcome of your travel award.

On behalf of the SRNT-E Board,

The 2023 conference of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco Europe (SRNT-E): London, 11-13 September 2023.

Instructions for authors

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The submission system for abstracts will now close on Sunday 16th April, at 11:59 p.m. Central European time.

Please use the following subheadings to format your abstract: background, aims, methods, results, conclusion. Abstracts should be limited to 350 words.

Abstracts can be submitted at: https://www.easyacademia.org/srnte2023.

Guidance on industry attendance and submission

SRNT defines the tobacco industry as any company that manufactures/distributes combustible tobacco products and any company or organisation that is a wholly or partially owned subsidiary. Tobacco industry employees and employees of wholly or partially owned subsidiaries are not allowed to attend or present. Consultants and industry-funded research are allowed; e-cigarette and other nicotine product companies not affiliated with the tobacco industry are not defined as part of the tobacco industry. Consultants are allowed to present and attend. If they are presenting research they must disclose funding sources. 

Submission steps:

  • Create an “EasyAcademia” account through https://www.easyacademia.org/srnte2023.
  • Activate your account by clicking on the activation link sent to your email.
  • Note: Please check your Spam folder if you have not received the email within a few minutes.
  • Log into https://www.easyacademia.org/srnte2023/, using the login details you provided at the beginning.
  • Click on Start a new submission on the top right to enter the submission process.
  • Select an appropriate track from the list.
  • Select the format you wish your submission to be considered for.
  • Enter the appropriate information in the Title step.
  • Enter your abstract text in the following step.
  • Under Authors please input details for each author of the paper. At least one author must be marked for each type of role available (presenter, corresponding). The rest of the co-authors can be listed without role.
  • Note: Only authors marked as correspondents (and the presenter) will receive updates and information regarding the submission.
  • Select three Topics from the list. 
  • Depending on the submission format you may be requested to upload a document. 
  • Under Summary you may check the details of the submission. If you wish to go back to a section in order to change details, just click on the appropriate step on the left.
  • If you are happy with the summary information, please click on Submit Now to finalize the process. A notification e-mail will be sent to the correspondents.

Instructions for workshops and symposium submissions

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Abstract submission is open until April 16th 2023.

Abstracts can be submitted at: https://www.easyacademia.org/srnte2023.


For workshops please submit your proposal within the 350 word limit, you can use any format you like but we encourage you to provide detail on the timing and relevance of the workshop, the learning objective, and who you would encourage to attend


Selected symposia examine important issues from a variety of perspectives and have compelling supporting data. Over a 90-minute period, three or four speakers and a discussant present and/or debate alternative solutions, interpretations, or viewpoints on a body of knowledge. Please note that symposium submissions will be reviewed on a competitive basis and not all symposium proposals will be included in the final programme. Preference will be given to symposia that are particularly timely, involve diverse research groups, or span a number of disciplines around the same unifying theme. Again this year, individual symposium presenters will have the option of having their abstract considered as an oral or poster presentation if the overall symposium is not selected for presentation at the meeting.  

 Instructions for Symposium Abstract Submission 

  • Prepare an overview abstract of the entire symposium (maximum 350 words).  
  • Include the name and email address of the symposium chair (known as the corresponding author). The London SRNT-E meeting team will communicate ONLY with the symposium chair using the email address provided at the time of submission (it is the responsibility of the symposium chair to communicate any acceptance or rejection notices or other SRNT-E communications to all symposium authors in their group). Should this email address change at any time, please notify us immediately to ensure that you receive timely correspondence regarding your abstract submission.  
  • After this submission of the symposium overview abstract, the abstract submission system will automatically email the authors named in the symposium details as responsible for each oral presentation in the symposium a code to be used to register the submission. Alternatively, the symposium chair can share the code with the remaining authors. 
  • These authors should then submit their respective abstracts according to the instructions for oral presentations (see above), but they must use the code provided by the system to link their submission to the symposium.
  • Please note that the symposium overview abstract and all individual oral presentation abstracts in the symposium must be submitted to the same track. Alternatively, the symposium chair can inform all symposium authors in their group of the correct track.
  • Symposium submissions may include a request for separate peer review of each abstract (for oral or poster presentation) if the overall symposium submission is rejected.