20th Annual SRNT-E Conference

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SRNT-E has been closely monitoring the situation in relation to COVID-19 and due to the uncertainty in the projections for the coming months, the SRNT-E board has decided to set up an online conference for the same dates (17-19th Sept 2020). We are currently working out the exact format of this online event, which may be smaller than the usual 2.5 day conference. However, in any scenario we are committed to providing the opportunity to both senior and early-career researchers to share their research in the field of nicotine and tobacco. There will also be space for recent studies on COVID-19 and smoking/vaping. Any abstracts already submitted will be taken into account and the abstract submission system is still open for new submissions. We have extend the deadline for abstracts until the end of June. In the coming weeks we will update this webpage to communicate more details on the online conference, for example on its format, which platform will be used, the programme setup, and what the new reduced fees will be. In the meantime, please continue using the current submission system to submit abstracts/symposia for the online conference.

We are very grateful to Dr Sharon Cox for taking on the role of Chair of the Organising Committee for this online event, and are happy to welcome her into the SRNT-E team. Dr Sharon Cox is a psychologist with over fifteen years’ clinical and research experience working within substance use. Her work is focused on understanding the disparity between alcohol and tobacco treatment availability and engagement, especially between different communities and by socioeconomic status. Her current research is focused on smoking cessation amongst adults experiencing homelessness, the impact of novel contingency management methods on substance use treatment trajectories, and the development of an ontology for use within e-cigarette research (E-CigO).

This year's conference was supposed to take place in Lausannee and we are extremely grateful to the Lausanne team for all the preparations they have done for this year's conference. We are very pleased and thankful that the Lausanne team, led by Dr Carole Clair, has agreed to postpone the Lausanne conference to September 2021.

Welcome Addresses

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Prof. Jacques Cornuz

Director of the Center for Primary Care and Public health (Unisanté), Lausanne

Chair of Scientific Program Committee

Prof. Carole Clair

Chair Local Organizing Committee

Keynote Speakers

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Prof. Nancy Rigotti

Professor, Medicine and Population Medicine, Director, Tobacco Research and Treatment Unit - Boston, USA

Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital 

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Prof. Daniel Kotz

Professor in general practice with a main focus on addiction research and clinical epidemiology - Düsseldorf, Germany

University Hospital of Düsseldorf (UKD) - Institute of General Medicine (ifam) - Center for Health and Society (chs)

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Public health

Prof. Ann McNeill

Professor of Tobacco Addiction, Nicotine Research Group (NRG), Addictions Department, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN), Deputy Head, Addictions Department, IoPPN. Fellow, Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco - London UK

King's College, London

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Prof. Joachim Marti

Associate Professor in Health Economics and Care Evaluation, Institute of Social and Preventative Medicine - Lausanne, Switzerland

University of Lausanne

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Basic Science/PreClinical

Prof. Rachel Tyndale

Professor, Pharmacology & Toxicology; Psychiatry, Endowed Chair in Addictions, Head Pharmacogenetics, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology - Toronto, Canada

University of Toronto, Canada

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